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Unreadable characters using W32Dasm.

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After opening an executable, I only see unreadable text, no matter which font I choose.
What can I do to fix this (latest version 89)? I am located in Western Europe, can I select another Country code or so?

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I've opened a couple of files through the W32Dasm application and they all had weird symbols, but I believe this is normal since most of the EXE files are protected against decompiling. You will have to reverse engineer the process of disassembling a file in order to obtain information about it.

I also recommend starting with a HEX editor and then use W32Dasm application.

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Robert, thank you for your answer.
I understand that, but what I mean is that even the normal readable characters are weird symbols. If I use hex-editor (which I already had) I can read the characters.
I can change them as well. But then afterwards it is not recompiled correctly.
What I wanted is translating parts of s software package into my own language.
So if I can have other information that helps me further, it's welcome.

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I understand what you asked, but as I said, it requires reverse engineering to get the code because no one will provide source code in their EXE files.
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Are you a moron Robert? Everyone knows that they can not see the source code with W32Dasm. What he is asking is the font being webdings!

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