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Why is the folder where I've added extracted files not recognized?

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What I do is run a pause recognition on a large file and then extract more files. My problem is that when I create a folder and put these files I extracted inside it, they still appear to be different files when I play it through my USB stick in my car and it seems like there is no folder.

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You might have to check the extraction procedure, because from what I see, it appears those files are cut improperly making it hard to listen to anything due to timings. And from what I've read about the software, it appears that it can create mix compilations with your files and additional effects. I've managed to download a version of SoundTrax and followed the software's instructions, then I replicated the process you've mentioned above and the files play normally on a USB stick. Only one suggestion, avoid using folders. Place the files in the root directory of your USB drive and then play them.

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