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Black text when using GII with 2nd monitor.

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I can use GII without any problems on my laptop. Once I connect the 2nd screen and I login to my GII the application is not displaying text, I can only see black screen. Is this a Citrix GPU plugin issue? It works perfectly without 2nd monitor attached. Please advise.

P.S. I have Windows 10.

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There is absolutely nothing about this application and the way it works. I've searched through various pages and search results, but it was all without success, therefore I can't say exactly what could be the problem. If you have it installed, go to the installation directory and look through files. Maybe there is something you can use to diagnose the software like Readme files, CHM (Help files), text files. Developers usually place these files in installation directory to help users read more or get instructions.

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Hey i found Citrix cleanup utility. After i reinstalled latest receiver and now it works fine. THanks for your help. Cheers

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