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Flash MFC application is not responding.

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I have a Alerte G200 GPS which I had no problems in downloading software onto it.
Know that when I try, I get the above message. I have tried reinstalling software and drivers that does not work. There is no customer support, contact email etc (unless you live in Australia). Alerte is made by a French company WIKANGO. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

related to an answer for: It gives me a "MFC Applications" error.

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When applications of this type give you an error, then it means something is faulty, and by faulty I mean the following:

  1. You don't have the necessary runtime applications installed. On a fresh Windows installation, it's mandatory to install Visual Runtime C++ and NET Framework.

  2. The compatibility of the application doesn't exist, which means the software will give errors when you launch or use it. Right click it and choose Properties > Compatibility. Select a previous version from the list.

  3. The software is bugged, and a new installation is necessary. If you have the old version, remove the one installed, reboot the PC and then install it again.

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I have run the compatibility test, and tried using last known OS it had ran on before Win 10 that is XP & 7 no issues there-ran the program still get the message device not connected. I did get rid of all traces of previous software and downloaded the G22 gps program again but to no avail. The problem That I can see is that the driver is not downloading properly but there is no other site to download it from and unfortunately the company that makes the device does not have any customer support in this country only France (site is in French) and in Australia but its software and drivers are for Asia. I did send them an email to see if they could be a contact email but did not receive a response. I did look at the articles on the links supplied but I did not know which of the downloads to use.
However many thanks for your help. It would appear that I am not going to have any success in downloading updates for this device.

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