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What potential conflict might I encounter upgrading this application?

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I have a Gateway SX2865 which was originally loaded with the Windows 8 OS. When the first upgrade was provided, Windows 8.1, I installed it. A few months later Windows 10 was offered for free to those with the Windows 8.1 OS. I upgraded my OS then also. A couple months had passed when my OS was automatically upgraded to its current version, Windows 10.1. Over the course of 3 1/2 years I don't recall ever being prompted to use Live Updater. Nor do I recognize the logo. After doing a search for this app, I was lead to your webpage that provided a link to install the app. On that page was a mention that the app had only support for X64 Windows 8. This leads me to ask the title question.

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The application is used to update the Gateway programs and indeed it's said that it will run on Windows 8.1 x64. There could be a few issues that can appear if you don't use a proper version compatible with Live Updater. For example, the software might install properly and download the necessary programs, but you could break some functionality for your apps and devices if you use an unsupported application. Make sure to create a backup for the programs that the software installs and then you can proceed with Live Updater's installation and upgrade procedure.

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