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I forgot the password to my folder masked by Foldermasker

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I have tested the application and I must say that it shouldn't be a big problem if you forgot the password. The software does not compress or change the structure of the files inside the folder or something similar. It only hides the folder by adding a unique XUID to the folder's name.

In order to access the folder contents you need to install a file explorer application like Total Commander because it has the ability to view files that have been marked as hidden plus additional listing. Download, install and start the application and go to Configuration > Options > Display > Check "Show hidden/system files". Navigate to the location where the folder is located and you will see something like "Foldername.Test.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}". Enter that folder and right click on a file called PRO(without extension) and use Open With > Choose "Notepad/Wordpad". The password will be revealed in plain sight. Then use the software and scan for hidden directories, enter the password from the file and unmask it. I can guarantee it works 100 % without errors.

You can see in the image below everything I have explained earlier.


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If you still can't find out your password, you can try to visit

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