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Screenshots and remotes.

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Creepy room mate issues. Trying to move out, but until then they have been caught going through my things, doesn't know what personal boundaries are and they listen to my private conversations. There have been several times I would find a Homegroup and then Workgroup set up on my desktop and all files able to be shared. I would undo that and it would soon be turned back on. This has happened over a dozen times. OK, enough of that, here's the current computer question. I got ready to log off my desktop tonight and had the option to force close a background thing. It was called screenshot. Is that what it sounds like? Also, to tie in to this page. Is the HP Remote on my desktop what it sounds like too? Can you access that from other computers away from our home? I just assume all info is easy to get in 2016. Creep out by the roommate I am convinced would cook a pet bunny, you bet. Please answer. Actually hoping I am mistaken.

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There was a similar question about this. You can access it on the following link. You need to follow the instructions provided there to disable sharing and remove anything that might be found on your computer.


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