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Saving new patches to Digitech RP500 using X-Edit

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I have a Digitech RP 500 that I just updated to the version 2 firmware. I also downloaded X-Edit (v.2.4.3 for Mac OSX) and a bunch of the tone patches from the Digitech site. I can open the new patches in X-Edit Editor, but I have not been able to then save the downloaded patch into one of the presets on my device. What is the process for changing the patch for a given preset number and saving that change to the RP500?

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You will have to use the built-in Help menus in order to learn how to properly save the presets and the patches. However, I've searched the web, but I couldn't find a proper manual file and the official website doesn't provide anything about it, therefore searching through the installation folder and in the Help section is the best bet to obtain something you can use.

I also recommend watching the tutorials posted on YouTube and various websites where users work with this application. You might learn from there how it's done it.

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