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Unknown internal operating system error.

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Hi there,

I'm getting an error:

Unknown internal operating system error.
File: C:\Program Files\TDC\LoadGraf\Dbase\LoadGraf.MB

Any suggestions on what this error is? It was working this morning still and all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore.

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The software doesn't appear to be available anymore which means it's impossible to test it to fix this issue. However, as I can see from the error above, it might mean that the database used by the application is corrupted or impossible to access, therefore you have two options:

  1. Reinstall the application, but not before you delete the old version. 2

  2. The software requires exclusive system access, therefore you need to launch it as Administrator using right click on the shortcut and then Run as Administrator.

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Thanks Sean Hill.

What other program can we use then to replace this old/outdated program?


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