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Request for help on Super Diary.

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Dear Johannes,

I know that you have abandoned "Super Diary" a long time ago and that you don't support it anymore. However, I happen to like it, and it has been moderately useful for me for many years. I hope that in memory of the past you will agree to give an advice. I have used version 1.07 for many years, stopped for some periods and then continuing it again because I love the possibility of keeping track of my past. I am 82 years old now.
Some time ago I changed computers and did not use the Diary for a long period. Last week I decided to use it again. I installed the program, and it opened without any database.
I found a backup.xml, opened it from the program, and was very happy to see that all the data was there. I added a few entries, checked the search feature, everything was fine, and I saved it. I don't know where I saved it.

Today, I've run it again, opened the new .xml file that it created, and oops, no data. I tried again the backup.xml, it was there with a new date, all the data is there, I can see it when I open it with Notebook, but from within the program there is nothing.

I will appreciate very much if you could give me some advice.

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I've checked the software and by check I mean that I've downloaded and installed it. Then I've added some entries and basically populated the software with content. I've saved it and the backup.xml was created. Afterwards, I've loaded the file and everything appeared normal. The software was launched with Administrator options in Windows 10 x64, therefore it works. Even if it's that old, it still works.

On the developer's website the software doesn't appear to be available anymore, but you can still contact Johannes through the contact form. I am pretty sure that he will help you with this inquiry:

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