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Does not encode Data Matrix function character (FNC1) properly.

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When encoding a Data Matrix 2D barcode, the software does not seem to properly encode the GS1 function character, FNC1 (ASCII 232) correctly.

NOTE: when I use the exact same string (including the function character) in other commercial barcoding software it works fine, so it appears to be a problem with the MaxMarking software.

SUGGESTION: Other barcoding software have just a checkbox option to insert the function code at the beginning of the DataMatrix string, so it doesn't have to be manually added.

Please advise. Thanks.

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The software doesn't have a website or something related to obtain information related to the way it works. I've also searched on other websites, but it appears there is brief information. One website where I've seen users talking about this software and FNC1 is StockOverflow. You can access the website through the link below.

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