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How can I update my Mio Navman M400?

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How can I update my Mio Navman M400?

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You can update your device through the desktop application called MioMore Desktop. First you need to install the software using the Support CD which arrived with the device. In order to start the update process, plug in the USB on both ends (USB computer port and the USB port of the device). The computer will recognize the device and install its drivers. If there is an update available for your product, the software will notify about it. You will then need to click Update and wait for the device to update itself.

Please notice that an active Internet connection is needed for the update operation.

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i bought mio more nav from casino giant in france, it was fine but been of for 2 months now when i switch it on showing on screen like connect to PC !!! it came with no CD just lead to connect to computer, look like need updating

anybody know


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