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How to recover my file documents after a restart of my playbook?

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I was downloading music on my BlackBerry PlayBook and noticed it was no longer playing, so I restarted the device without closing the opened applications. After the restart I lost all my pictures, documents, videos and music.

Please help me as soon as possible.

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Just like with computers, these devices operate in the same way. For example, if you are running application, and you turn off your computer, the operating system will not save the settings or anything related and in many cases the result of this action will be corrupt settings, databases, etc.

Your case is the same as the one described and I have to tell you that there is nothing to do about it except to perform a factory reset to properly configure the device to its original state.

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Most of data in the phone are saved in the memory card of the phone. You can check the memory card to see whether the files are there firstly. If there are nothing in the memory card, calm down! It is possible to recover them. Even if you delete or format the memory card data, they are still there until a new data overwrite the space where the original data save in. So you can try to use som recovery tool to recover data from your phone, you can get more tips here: memory Data Recovery

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