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What plugin is required in order to play sound for Ted Kirk's Theroy of Music CD-ROM edition?

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I have Ted Kirk's Theory of Music on CD-ROM. When I play it, I receive a prompt that tells me that I need a plug-in in order to play sound. How may I discover what plug-in is required in order to play sound? Note that in other respects, my Windows 7 software plays this CD-ROM faithfully. It's just the sound that doesn't work.

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Most likely, you will need the Adobe Flash Player plug-in or XviD which decodes both the sound and the video streams from a file. You can download and install both of them for free through the links posted below. After the plug-ins will be installed, reboot the PC and then launch the software again from the CD-ROM.

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Hi Stephen,
Thank you for taking the time to suggest a solution.
I installed both plug-ins, as you suggested, and the I rebooted my PC.
Unfortunately, the problem persists,
i.e. zero sound from the CD-ROM AND a message indicating that a plug-in is required to play CD-ROM effectively.
For what it is worth, I have also disabled my NO SCRIPT plugin, but it makes no difference.
I am attempting to run Ted Kirk's 'Theory of Music' CD-ROM: Version 3.11 (copyright 1st Sept 2009)
Any other suggestion(s) from anyone reading this is welcome.
Geoff Sandford.

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