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Pascal for Windows 10.

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I have tried recompiling a program originally written for Windows XP on my Windows 10 computer using Free Pascal, but it fails on the first line of code with the error message: "Can't find unit system used by [Program name]". On my Windows XP computer it doesn't have this message. I assume therefore that Free Pascal has not yet been updated to run on Windows 10. Is this correct? If so, when can an update be expected?

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If you have an older versions of the software prior to the 3.0.0 release, then you need to head out to the official website to download the latest package. According to the system requirements, you can run the software on NT, 2000, XP and later. This means Windows 10 is supported and the Free Pascal can be used normally.

For every time you run the software, right click it and choose Run as Administrator and then run the program you have. It's mandatory to run apps as Administrator especially when they're installed on the system partition.

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