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Nomads Notes and Windows 10.

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Since updating to Windows 10, the mapping section of Nomads Notes will not function. When latitude and longitude are correctly entered on the Journal page, the icon for 'Look Location up on Goggle Maps' results in a pop up stating that my browser is out of date. I have defaulted separately to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge; I have turned each off in settings to ensure the default program can function independently but the same message appears. What settings do I need to change to make Nomads Notes mapping section work? Everything else is fine as I have been using the program for 5 months every year for the last 7 years.

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If it's specified that an application doesn't support at all a particular operating system, then you should expect to face various problems and errors that can be or can't be fixed.

Just like I said, the software is listed as being incompatible with Windows 10: Nomad Notes requires and Windows platform ie "Windows 8", "Windows 7 ", "Windows Vista" or "Windows XP".

As it's specified on the official website, install latest version of Net Framework and then try again. If you still encounter issues, use the following link to get in touch with the developer:

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