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How to update software of my receiver Mediastar M-IR5000?

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I need your help, please!

I bought receiver Mediastar M-IR5000 with a card, it is really excellent, and I do not want to lose it, and now I am facing problems as many channels can't be downloaded because it needs an update for the software, but the shop says this is an old type.
So, please, how to update the software of my receiver Mediastar M-IR5000?

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I don't think there is or will ever be an updated for this device since all the websites that had it for selling are not discontinued including the official website of the manufacturer. I've tried to download any firmware that I have found, but the links were discontinued as well. Some one them pointed to the official website. Also, this device is from 2005 which means it 11 years old, I doubt that anyone still supports it.

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