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Query about this program.

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Program name: SMS Leads Demon.

I found about this Contacts Harvester in a YouTube 2014 presentation. There was no URL on this presentation, but Google found it readily enough.

I am very interested in this product. I have looked for answers to some queries but cannot find them on the official site.

Please if you do not mind, let me know:

From the presentation, I understood that you can harvest email addresses and SMS (phone numbers). If this is correct, can you confirm?

How many levels of proficiency the product has, what are their capabilities and the cost of these programs if you have more than one level?

Does the harvesting apply to any region in the world where there is the Internet or it's restricted to USA?

In general, I would like to know more about your company, and its progress through the years and how many users apply for your program practically this day.

Do you have testimonials from your customers?

I have designed a mailer to send automatically thousands of emails, but I have not placed the order yet.

Could you tell me if you can recommend some mailer program that could do the job? And also some program to send SMS on a commercial scale?

I look forwards to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Rafael Francis

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The software you have mentioned above is discontinued. I've searched for a way to get back to the official website (and found it), but when that website is accessed a DNS error is displayed instead which means it's not possible to acquire it, therefore providing the answers to your above questions. I've also tried to track down the original developer, but it's impossible. There's no link, email, or something to get me back to him.

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