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Requesting for IP Address details.

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asked by about OMRON Automation Software Upgrade Utility
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Hi Support,

I am Akhil Gupta from Haldor TOPSOE, working in Security Operations. We have reports from our users who are using OMRON Software upgrade utility that they are unable to download the software updates. Please find the below screen shot for the error.

We would like to know the range of IP's that we should allow in our network in order to allow users to get updates for applications through OMRON. Hope to get a reply as soon as possible.

Image: http://C:%5CUsers%5CAKGU%5CDesktop%5C2016-06-09_143018%20HTINL4529_003_.png

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The image you have linked is pointing to a local file on your computer, therefore it's impossible to see. You need to host it on a free image hosting service. You can find one on Google Search.

Secondly, for the update problem, I believe you have to consult your users to ask them what updates are delivered through the application and most likely, those updates are obtained through the Update module from the Omron servers.

If those users can't download the files for the Omron application, then you have to contact OMRON Technical Support and they should provide the IP addresses to allow you in your server:

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