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Force closed ASF MapReady.

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I've tried ASF MapReady version 3.1.24 and 3.2.1. I want to open ALOS PALSAR-2 data, but every time I try to open it, ASF Mapready always force closes. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Or what is the MapReady's version that can open ALOS PALSAR-2?

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The cause to your issue might be influenced by the following:

  1. The data you're trying to load contains elements from a previous or a newer version that's not compatible with the one you're having, therefore an update is necessary.

  2. The software is bugged and can't handle the amount of data you're trying to load. You can try to reinstall and then load it again.

  3. Other applications installed and running on your computer might prevent you from loading the data due to incompatibility. Try closing all of them and launch only ASF Mapready.

Download MapReady through the following link:

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