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Transferring WhatsApp pictures.

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How do I transfer all my pictures out of WhatsApp to my laptop?

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The easiest way to transfer WhatsApp pictures is by connecting the phone to PC through a microUSB cable. Once this is complete, go to Computer and double click your phone. It should be listed with an icon instead of a drive letter.

Double click Internal Storage then locate the WhatsApp folder and browse through Media > WhatsApp Images. Copy that folder to your PC and that's it. The image should be transferred to the location selected by you.

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Connect ur whatsapp phone with ur laptop through 'Whatsapp Web' in ur phone when u are using whatsapp...
for this to happen..ur laptop and ur phone must be connected with wifi..
download that picture from whatsapp to phone...then connect ur laptop to phone via bluetooth,infrared,cable etc.....then go on ^_
atb :)

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