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How to burn YouTube videos to DVD?

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How to burn YouTube videos to DVD? I cannot figure out how to use 7tools DVD Grab and Burn software.

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I think that the Agrin Youtube Video Converter provides a significantly better solution for what you need than the program you are struggling with. It not only rips Youtube Videos easily, but it directly converts them into the AVI, MP4, WMV, DIVX, MOV, or DVD formats, which then allows you to burn them onto DVDs without any hassle.

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This does not look to be a completely useful unswer, I am afraid, missing out as it is on  the crucial tip relating to a link for finding the suggested program, which, incidentally, does not exactly sound to be an usually-heard program.
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Hi, what is format of the video , it is avi,you can use Photo DVD Burner to burn it to DVD directly.

if it is other formats, you can use Clone2Go video converter to convert it to avi ,then burn the avi to DVD using Photo DVD burner.

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