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Question about map use in Dr.Depth.

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I own a helix 5 SI. I'm interested in Autochart by Hummingbird, of course, but I've heard that this is an alternative. I have two questions, one, once the trial is over, what is the purchase price (haven't seen it anywhere yet), and two, when a map has been created using data I've collected, I can load it on the chip in the Humminbird and use it, or do I need a special card, like the zero lines card? Thanks in advance for any info.

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I've checked the official website, but I don't think that Hummingbird offers a trial version for Autochart. The version listed on their website is indeed working with the device you have, but I didn't see a way to download and obtain the trial. This goes for the price as well. They don't offer one and based on my knowledge, you will have to request a quotation and then the prices will be communicated to you.

Try contacting them using the following page:

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I apologize if my question is ambiguous, however, I know about Autochart...,The question was concerning Dr Depth, and the trial version offered.... And how it compares to Autochart.

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DrDepth's website lists an empty page without a generic error on it. This means it's either discontinued or in the process of updating, but based on the error displayed, I believe it's discontinued. There is something else named DrDepth, but not related to this one because it's a game. It's impossible to compare these two due to the lack of information.

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