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Playback problem on PC.

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When I go to see the playback, there is no picture and it remains black and I cannot even change the time on the green bar.

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When you see a black image instead, the problem might be related to connectivity, therefore I recommend checking the cameras's configuration to make sure they're properly available on the Internet or on the local network. Check the credentials if you use them. I've installed the application and it works normally without errors and I was able to add a camera to watch the stream.

If you have an older version of the software, install the new one through the Google Play Store:

asked Aug 11, 2016
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No playback on TiVME
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I got a problem on remote playback with a KKMOON IP Camera with micro SD card 32G. When double clicking a recorded h264 file for remote playback it was showing the message "Remote Playback Failed", but if I downloaded the file from the camera and use the h264 player it was working fine.
It turned out that the KKMOON IP camera had the time setting with "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time changes" checked and also the "sync with the PC time" was pressed during setup.
When I uncheck that option I could playback the files with HiP2P without any problem by just double click on the file.
The problem is easily repeatable when that option is checked.
The PC has the latest windows 10 (build 1607)and the timezone in the PC is set for UTC -08:00 Pacific time and adjust for daylight saving automatically.

If I press the option on the camera setting to "sync with PC time" the camera sets the timezone for GMT -07:00. It looks like the time on the PC and the camera are actually out of sync since both are trying to adjust for the daylight saving time even if "sync with the PC time" is pressed.
The end result is that the remote playback from the Camera SD card fails.
I think there should be a clear explanation on how to set the time on the camera and on the PC to avoid this issue.

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