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My shortcut is not in the list in Icon Changer.

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I want to change the icon of a shortcut on my Nexus 6P, got Icon Changer for that. But the shortcut I want to change doesn't appear in Icon Changer's list, not under shortcuts nor apps. The ugly shortcut is on the home screen of the Nexus. Can I use Icon Changer? If so, where do I find my shortcut that I want to change?

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If the shortcut doesn't appear in the Shortcut list, then it means it's not supported. I've installed the application on my phone and then checked the Shortcut list. I've also created a shortcut on homescreen and then switched to the application and it wasn't there. The Shortcuts list supports only pre-made shortcuts available within the operating system.

You might have to forward a request to the developer to support custom shortcuts. Use the following email to request this feature:

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