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Problems with Snipping tool.

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My Snipping tool is not working properly. The area where screenshots are framed is all grayed out and no selection can be made. When I tried to scan the app with Windows Defender, it showed "The app is turned off..." but who really did turn it off? And why? I do not find any option or anything to turn it on. Why is this defect developed and how to get rid of it so that I can get my Snipping tool in its normal workable shape? All this started happening after installing Windows 10.

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If the application is disabled through the Policy Editor, then you will have to re-enable it through the same application.

Go to Start > Run > gpedit.msc (if you don't have it, reach Google to learn how to install it: ). Expand the tree menu using the following path: User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, and Programs.

Double click on Hide "Windows Features" and choose Disabled or Not Configured.

After this procedure, close all the windows and start the Snipping Tools.

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I am happy and thankful to get your help so promptly. But, alas, in my computer (with Windows 10 as the OS) in the "Windows features" list there is no snipping tool.

But I have it very much though with the 'selecting frame' disabled.

That means W10 does not allow the feature snipping tool to work. This is one shortcoming of W10. I have noticed another. That is with its movie maker. It does not allow any other language than English to write on the movie you are going to make with MM.
This is shortcoming number TWO of W10.

My best wishes and with many ,many thanks for the reply

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