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Not able to display entire image.

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When I select an image to put into an image area of a template, I get a close-up "cropped" image instead of the entire image of the file. It doesn't seem to be template or pixel related as I get the same partial image on different templates and with different pixel proportions. I've tried using both .jpg and .png images and even tried to put more white space around the "real" image, however, the same close-up "cropped" image still is used.

When I schedule it, the screen display is using the "cropped" image.

What controls what image is really displayed on the layout? Is there a way around this issue other than creating the layout with another software package?

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I've checked what you said, but there is no report or error related to this issue, therefore, I recommend downloading the manual available for the application. I opened the PDF file (you will need a compatible PDF reader) and checked all the available topics. You will find all the necessary instructions on how to work with the software and its elements. Access the link posted below to download the manual file.

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I have a similar issue as described above. The images are loaded into template too large,  causing image being partially loaded or low resolution on TV.

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