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Error in opening sound device Power Recorder not working.

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Many thanks for your replies. I downloaded Audacity but got the same message "Error while opening sound device" and it seems to be a Microsoft sound issue. When I look at the control panel recording, they all refer to a microphone which is not installed but the audio drivers are all up to date. I have never used a microphone and not sure why it's reverted to a microphone and wondered whether this has been caused by one of the updates. I really miss the ability to record from the computer.

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The PC requires a Stereo Mix item in the Recording section. If you don't have that item, recording won't be possible. As I can see, there is an issue with the sound device. Try obtaining the latest version of the software and reinstall the drivers. It's a must to have that Stereo Mix available in the item list.

It looks like this:

enter image description here

After it will be enabled, you will have the possibility to record.

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