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Stoppage Analysis Module Resource Classification.

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On a single resource I have 4 different lines, now when I generate Reliability report (for a day), the net Occupied time for the resource is shown as 24*4= 96 whereas I want it to display only 24hrs (combined for the resource). When I changed the multire-resourcing option to "1" I was not able to generate the report at all. (Error Message: No data to Display). Kindly suggest the correct procedure to do the same.

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The problem is that the software doesn't appear to be available anymore. I've checked various websites listed through Google, but none shown enough details for application which means it's either discontinued or not available for public. There are also no troubleshooting documents or related files to diagnose possible issues with the software.

If you have it installed, go to Help > About and use the available contact options to get in touch with the developers.

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