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Software.Informer not updating SiteMapper's version.

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Latest version: CoffeeCup-Sitemapper-Full-6.1.343
Not: CoffeeCup-Sitemapper-Full-6.1.342!

Does not update even after refreshing several times. Software.informer is up-to-date (or it says it is itself!). Registry checked/cleaned. Solution?

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Based on my understanding, I believe the client doesn't report the latest version because the database hasn't been updated with the latest version. Typically, this should be done automatically, but various issue might intervene.

I have tested what you said and basically, the version installed is 6.1.343 which means there is an error on your PC, not in the client. Try reinstalling the client through the following page:

After installation, refresh the database, then start the CoffeeCup application and you'll see it will display 6.1 build 343.

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