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The Physical web.

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When and how is Chrome going to show beacons (like Eddystone) and connected places? Version 49 is supposed to be physical web aware but I think my T-Mobile phone is not up to the task.

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I've checked what you asked, and it's been said that Chrome does support Physical-Web and beacons, but the version is not specified. Since these are on-going projects, I recommend installing Chrome beta from the store market with apps for your phone. This might be a beta feature.

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Actually, it is now shipping in all versions of Chrome. The first version to do this was M49. As we rolled out the feature over a few weeks after release, you may not have seen it for awhile. When you are near a beacon, you should be automatically prompted to turn it on but if you just want to turn it on manually, go into Chrome>Settings>Privacy and turn on the Physical Web.

Scott Jenson
Project Lead, Chrome team

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