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Won't go past Dell logo at setup.

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Won't go past Dell logo at setup.

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Do you get any beeps when you turn it on? First try something simple. Turn off the computer, unplug it from the wall, remove the little battery inside the tower then press the power button to discharge any power in it. Wait a couple minutes and return the battery, plug your computer back in to the wall and turn it back on to see if it will load. If it still doesn't load windows, did it beep? Dell beeps out codes also look on the back of the tower and tell me what color are the 4 little lights.

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When a laptop/computer doesn't get past the manufacturer's logo, then it means something is bad in terms of hardware or software.

If it's software, then Windows installation is corrupted. To attempt a possible recovery, restart the device and press the button assign to the Recovery mode. It will start in a safe environment from where you can restore the functionality of your device.

If it's hardware, then I recommend sending it to warranty (if it still has any period left) or visit a local PC service shop. The components that could be faulty are: RAM, HDD, Motherboard, or basically anything that's hardware related.

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