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Information about a purchased phone.

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I have bought a Huawei Y330 at an auction. Added a new EE Pay and Go sim which I topped up 10 pounds which the phone has accepted, but is still unusable as when I phoned customer services from my partners phone they told me the phone IMEI was reported stolen over a year ago. As this may be the case the handset is now legally mine so my question is. Is it possible to change the IMEI or any way of reusing the phone at all? Please help me as I have wasted big money on a low income.

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Once an IMEI has been blacklisted, then the phone is rendered useless. If you bought it from EBay or a similar service, contact Support and immediately request a refund along with the statement from the carrier in which they tell you the phone has been reported stolen. They should grant a refund. Make sure to leave negative feedback on purchase to send a warning to other users as well.

You can visit a local phone shop to see if they can revive the phone and generate an IMEI based on the old one. This is the only chance, but it will also cost you.

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Thank u my friend verry helpful i have basically been ripped took 4 a suka but u live n learn. Are there any other things i could do with the handset do you know please? As u can tell i am the furthest thing from educationally adept at this kind of thinng. And am trying to figure out some May be other things i could find the dud useful for now something salvageable but i know of nothing. I hope you do and will spare me the courtesy of ur time once more. Thanks Gash

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