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How can I trace my mobile phone via IMEI number?

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I have lost my Android phone. How can I trace my mobile phone via IMEI phone? Is it possible to lock the phone?

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You can ask for your phone to be located by your service provider if it offers this option. You should file a complaint and have knowledge about your device's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number - can be found on your device's box or by launching your phone app and dialing the number *#06#) and then wait for the service provider to track your phone and tell you where it is. Once it is traced, you can ask your service provider to block it to prevent further expedses. If you think you can find it on your own, you can use one of the apps available for tracking your device, but you should have installed them before your phone was lost. The main advantage of IMEI tracking is that it doesn't matter if your device is powered on or if your sim card was removed.
In order to have extra protection and a backup plan besides tracking your phone after a complain, you should install and activate one of these high rated apps on your mobile device:

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You should have installed a phone tracking app on your cell phone.

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