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Is there really an actual .rmx converter program out there?

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I believe I've read somewhere that iTunes can do it. You're supposed to change its import settings into using the MP3 encoder, then add your .rmx files to the iTunes library and make iTunes create their MP3 duplicates by invoking the 'Create MP3' option. Then it's just a matter of locating where iTunes stores those in-library files by default.

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You can't convert these files as they are Real Jukebox secured files meaning that iTunes cannot play encrypted files as these are obtained from the RealMedia shop. Since the application is old and discontinued. Its functionality was soon adopted into RealPlayer. Most likely, this is the way to do it. Try to download the application and open your files into RealPlayer. If the files contain the digital signature and you can't match it, then you will not be able to play them and conversion is out of the questions.

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