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The 1 of 1 Stealth mode Deactivation: Gallery Lock (lite) ver 4.8.2.

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Hi there,

I really hope you can help. I am using a Samsung Galaxy J5 Android phone and I've recently installed “Gallery Lock”(lite) ver.4.8.2 app. It worked just fine until I enabled the stealth mode.

I changed the default password 7777 to another one and like I’ve said everything went well – it opened without any hassles.

Then I enabled the stealth mode, the Gallery Lock icon disappeared from the app menu after I rebooted the phone like it’s supposed to. I tried to re-open it again by entering the password (* + password) on the dialing keypad and then pressed call - but nothing happened. I tried the default password *7777 , went on the Internet to look for possible solutions , tried 3333 – nothing.

Up to now I wasn’t able to re-open the app to get excess to my data. I also cannot uninstall and reinstall, because the uninstall protection is activated. I do not care that much about the data and it wouldn’t be a great loss if it is to be deleted.

Please I am desperate in need of assistance to get the app open to get the data of my phone. I tried to contact the developer by e-mail at but received no reply whatsoever.

Thank you in advance,


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You should try the additional method posted by the developer in its description. To make it easier, here is what he says:

If Stealth Mode suddenly doesn't work,
Install .apk of link below and tap Stealth Mode Enabler icon and try to call *+pin

However, if this still doesn't work, then I insist on contacting the developer because he is the only one who can provide the necessary information to this issue.

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After installing stealth mode still gallerylocker is hide pls help for out these.

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