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Can MIBGuide convert XMZL (or JSON) to MIB file?

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I am looking for a tool that will ingest a file of XML (or preferably json) and create a MIB file for use in SNMP application. I have found many apps that go the other way, MIB to XML, but that's not what I want. Will MIBGuide do XML to MIB?

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Yes, the software will be useful to you, because it supports MIB creation out of XML and Javascripts. You can read about it on the page accessible via the link posted below.

Quote from website: MIBGuide (Management Information Base Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) is an application suite designed to ease the burden of creating MIB documents and developing, testing, and deploying multi-protocol accessible agents. MIBGuide combines Java™ and XML technology with SNMP Research's many years of Internet Framework network management expertise to provide a comprehensive tool for agent development.

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