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When I open Prima, the main window appears full size but off the screen. Basically, someone else used my computer and they use Prima as a full screen window. I prefer it as a small window on my 2nd screen.

Ever since they used my computer, the first window appears with the top left corner where I want it, but the window is huge so it goes off the screen. In order to resize, I have to shuffle the window, shrink it a bit, shuffle it over a bit, shrink it a bit, etc. It doesn't take that long but it's quite irritating because Prima always used to appear where I wanted it and the size I wanted it. Why has it stopped doing that, and how can I fix it?

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Locate the PRIMA shortcut on your desktop and then right click it. Go to Properties > Open File location. Most of these applications have a INI file where the settings are stored. Theoretically, if you delete the INI file, the next time you start the application it will have the default settings. In case it doesn't work, simply backup your content and then reinstall the application.

Use CCleaner as an additional tool to clean the registry items:

Note: Use the Registry button in the application after uninstallation.

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I like the answer, however the problem is I don't access Prima using a desktop shortcut. I have a shortcut to a website, then I log in to that and it connect me to another PC remotely, then from there I can click the prima icon and log in to prima. I tried right clicking on the prima icon but it didn't work.

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