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Creative WaveStudio plugins information.

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I am desperately trying to convert some of my music files into Acapela (just vocals no beat) files for mixing. I have installed Creative WaveStudio as I'm used to that, but it doesn't have an option for making Acapellas, I downloaded another program called Audacity which claimed it could do so, then found I needed another plugin called Knockout in order for it to work. This didn't work and after some frustration I removed it from my computer. Is there a plugin for Creative WaveStudio to convert music files into Vocal Acapellas or is there an easier way to do it I have missed? Many thanks for your time, any replies will be gratefully received.

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I have checked various tutorials and there was no need for an extra plug-in for Audacity. You can use the link posted below to list the available tutorials. I have followed one and was able to remove the instruments to create a vocal acapella track.

Use this link to display the results narrowed down to only what you need:

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