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How can I import notes from Outlook to SMemo?

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I moved from BlackBerry to Galaxy S III. The BlackBerry was synced with Outlook and now I need to move the notes to my S III.

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With the new version released the Sync option you had before is long gone. Basically, you cannot import Outlook notes to Samsung Galaxy S3 anymore because the main application which did this was replaced. SMemo has been embedded into SNote.

An approach to this is to use Evernote to import the notes from Outlook and then use SNote to sync with your Evernote account and it will work.

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Here is how I fixed it:1- click on contacts2- exnpad the list to show sub-folders (if any)3- right click on the contact folder you want to see and select “Properties”4- select the “Outlook Address Book” tab5- select “Show folder as an e-mail Address Book”6- repeat for all folders you want to see in your address book7- in the ribbon under the ‘Home” tab click on “Address Book”8- Click “Tools > Options > Custom” and “Add” all folders you want there.You might have to restart Outlook a few times to see it all happening….

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I did a copy/paste of each note into a text message through my email. Then Shared it with S Note

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