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I have repeatedly downloaded the Mac version of the Mac MP navigator. Still won't work. Turned all devices on and off. What other options to scan do I have?

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I'm so frustrated. I have a troubleshooting window that pops up with this message:

Cannot start the MP Navigator EX. Check the following points.

  1. The supported model of this software is as follows. Check your product model is listed.
    YES MP640

  2. MP Driver/scanner drive which supports your product is installed.
    YES Had the original install from 2009, deleted it and downloaded the updated Mac version from the Canon site TWICE!

  3. Your product model is connected to PC properly and the power is ON, if there is a power supply.
    YES!. Except I'm on a Mac, not a PC, but that's never been an issue with this printer.
  4. Reconnect the USB Cable when reconnected with USB.
    YES!. I reconnected the printer and the computer, restarted both devices, NO luck.


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This seems to be a problem with your system. You can use Time Machine to restore the system to a state when everything was all right, because this problem could be extremely hard to diagnose. If the software and the printer are functioning well, then the problem with your system is quickly fixable using the Time Machine. Another solution is to download the updated version of MP Navigator from the driver section of the support website. This could also be a reason that MP Navigator is not working fine due to the fact that your OS got updated through System Updates which is most likely the main cause of the problem.

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I have exactly the same problem with both my macbook pro's - one with a timemachine backup and one without. I never had any problem but since 0s x 10.8.3 is installed it won't work anymore!canon won't/can't help, i already asked...

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