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Is IMon Manager compatible with Windows 10 x64?

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Is IMon Manager compatible with Windows 10 x64?

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No, the software is not compatible with Windows 10 64bit. I have checked their website and these are the operating systems listed in the system requirements section: Windows 7 (32/64 bit), VISTA (32/64 bit) and XP (32/64 bit). As you can see, there is 64bit compatibility, but Windows 10 is missing. If the software requires drives, disable Driver Enforcement and then install them.

Then add a compatibility tweak through Properties > Compatibility for main executable. Choose Windows 7, tick the Run as Administrator and the launch the application.

For additional info, contact the developers:

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Actually is NOT. You'll experience random crashes especially when resuming the system from hibernation/sleep. A possible cure might be to select the compatibility settings through the executable's properties and select an older windows version. This might help. See, soundgraph has abandon it, along with their customers.

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On my System run all fine, Windows 10 Pro x64.

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