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How long does it take to achieve proficiency with Essentris?

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How long does it take to achieve proficiency with Essentris?

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I have checked the instructional guide available in PDF format, but it's nowhere specified about this and I don't think anyone can tell you exactly how long it would take to achieve proficiency. However, if you have the software installed on your computer, go to Help > About and note the contact options. This way you will get an official response about your inquiry. It's the fastest and simplest method known.

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Thank you for your efforts and for your assistance. I did not expect that there would be a set answer, as people learn at different rates. I did expect a time frame such as two to three weeks or 6 weeks or whatever was the length of time that was projected by the software's developers. This answer confirms my suspicions that there is no time frame by which someone can be expected to have full mastery of the this program.

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