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How can I remove the EA update thing?

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It's so annoying: every time I log on updating and clogging up my computer for a game I only played twice. If I knew this was part of the deal, I would haven't just got the game but back to my question.
How do I uninstall it? I clicked on it on my Software Informer and clicked uninstall and it says " Are you sure?" I click yes and literally nothing happens, I've even shutdown my computer after clicking uninstall like 5 times and it's still here and it even updates when the computer came back on.

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Most likely you are using a game which updates itself very often. The updates have many advantages including but not limited to bug fixing. Beside bugs, the updates could increase performance, stability and issues with the game. My suggestion is to let the update perform its operations and then play the game. Also, many EA games now work through Origin, and although you would still buy the CD/DVD only, their software must be installed in order for the game to run properly.

If you want to perform a test, go to Control Panel and locate Add or Remove Programs or Programs and uninstall Origin from that location. You will notice that after you restart your computer, the game will simply stop working and you will need to install Origin (EA client for update, game purchases, etc).

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