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Possibility to include old camera in P2P system.

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I bought a new Wanscam P2P IP webcam. It's working correctly on PC and smartphone WiFi also on my ISP connected smartphone. Now, I would like to move it on new location where I have an old Wanscam camera. What do I have to do at the new location, reset it and install again? Is it possible to include old Wanscam camera connected on same router and supported by DDNS no-ip server in new P2PIPC program?

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You can't use the camera with the same settings like in previous location because things change (IP, ISP, etc). You need to simply reset the camera and then re-configure it again with the new settings that correspond to the new location. Additionally, the DDNS service needs to be configured as well or at least, keep the same configuration, but update the IP address to be able to access the camera's stream correctly.

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