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How to complete erase my iPhone 5S?

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I am going to buy an new iPhone 6S before xmas, at the same time, I will sell my old iPhone 5S. So in order to keep my privacy in secure place, I need to delete all the data on my iPhone. How can I do that in a quick way?

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There is an option in the iOS Settings menu which allows you to delete and wipe practically everything on your iPhone. To access this setting, go to Settings > General > Reset. In this category, choose Erase All content and Settings. This option will delete all content on the phone. This is practically a factory reset, only that it's for iOS devices. It works on iPhone and iPads as well.

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Erase All content and Settings will not completely erase your data from iPhone, it still can be recovered by some data recovery, I tried and it really can be recovered. So if the data on your iPhone is very important or sensitive, I suggest you try professional Safewiper iPhone data eraser app.

You can look how it erase contacts from iPhone:

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You can use an ios data eraser

tool, if you don't want the data to be recoverred by others, I think this is a reliable way.

And the deleted data can never be back, so remember to take a total backup of it.

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