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Matcode for Matlab Software

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How I can use the for Matlab software? In fact, I want to use a function for example simcmcstep in Matlab software, but this function is not defined in it, thus to use I need The actual programs can be found in the archive or in a directory Matcode. To use the functions, I will need to use the MATLAB command addpath to add this directory to the path that MATLAB searches for executable .m files.
Furthermore, the matcode archive has both general purpose programs for solving probability problems as well as specific .m files associated with examples or quizzes in the text. This manual describes only the general purpose .m files in Other programs in the archive are described in main text or in the Quiz Solution Manual. Can you help me?

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Although the ZIP archive appears on various websites, there is no indication on how to work with the files which means you will either have to contact the Matlab support or the ones from where you acquired the Matcode archive.

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