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Freedom of speech regarding chat on eQSO.

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Are your rules so strict that you cannot, for example, say the names of other products, or talk religion or politics? I was reprimanded by another popular VOIP system administrator saying something like "I am having a ball with Echolink also". He was rude and broke in on top of my qso with another Ham. It really upset me and I told him so (without profanity), then I removed their software from my computer (after paying the registration fee), and sent an email expressing my dis-satisfaction about their rules.
Do your rules include the prohibition of mentioning other commercial products or systems, and/or discussion of politics and religion? Please advise. Perhaps I should have downloaded your software first and read your rules, but this page came up first.

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It's impossible to say anything about this application because it has been discontinued. I have checked what it seems to be the official website and an error is listed instead. I have also checked the Wikipedia and the software is listed as being discontinued. Next to the official website, closed down is displayed.

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