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Windows 10 and Portwise client BSOD.

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I have a few users that upgraded to Windows 10 and wanted to use Portwise client. So I we had installed on a few machines, the installation was successful. But running the application ran for about 10 mins then BSOD. Any help or advise will would help.

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The BSOD is caused by compatibility. In some cases you can install an application that wasn't developed to run for that particular OS, but when the DLL files and its modules are loaded, they're causing errors with other system files that are currently in use. The simplest way to overcome this issue is by either applying a compatibility tweak (30-60 % chances of success) or install a version that's compatible with the operating system where the client is installed (compatibility and error free approximately 99 %).

I see that Portwise is developed by NexusGroup. Contact them and request a new client that's compatible with Windows 10:

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