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I forgot my memory card password in Nokia 5130.

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I forgot my memory card's password in Nokia 5130 mobile. After changing software it is asking password for my memory card. Is there any software to delete password for memory card? If there is, please tell me.

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The password can't be removed with an application or utility release by 3rd party developers. You need to visit your local Nokia Care Center or visit a local phone service. They have the necessary tools and hardware boxes capable of connecting to the phone's internal system memory to retrieve the old password that was assigned to your memory card. Any attempt on the memory card with unsupported tools will delete the content stored.

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Simply insert your Memory Card with Memory Card Reader Via Computer, & Copy all the Contents stored in it, then Format it. After Formatting it will remove the Password, then again Copy the Contents again on it. It will Solve the Problem.

Memory Card Reader

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https://www.youtubMethods To Recover/Remove Micro Sd Card Password From PC:
They are 4 methods to Recover your data from the memory card by unlocking the Sd card. Using these methods you can easily unlock your memory card easily. So follow the step and unlock the SD card successfully.
Let us discuss the methods clearly. With out wasting the time let us go in the tutorial.
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1) How to Remove Memory Card Password on PC?
Open the File Manager in the Mobile.
Click on System folder in the settings.
Search for the file name "mncstore" there.
Send that file to Pc or Computer or Laptop.
Now Open the file in Notepad.
You will see the Password of the Memory card in the file which you opened.
You can easily implement this trick in any of the Android phone or any device which has a folder "mncstore" in it. With this folder.
2) How to Recover Memory Card Password using Software?
Remove the Memory card from the device first.

Now insert it in another device.
Connect to pc or laptop.
Once done give a right click and select the menu option.(This for Windows Only)
Now you can have a memory with password removed or Unlocked.
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3) How to Remove Password from Memory Card?
Remove the sd card and insert in any one of the N-Series of Nokia mobile.
Now format the Card.
That's it!! It don't ask you the Password now.
4) How to Unlock Micro Sd Memory Card Password?
To scan the files in your mobile. You need to Download an explorer to scan the files.
Open the explorer and enter zero[0], Which will help you to see the System files.
Search for a file called "mncstore".
You may find it at the Path: System/Data/mncstore.
There you will be seeing a code in the third column like: TMSD02G
Delete the code in order to unlock the memory card or Reset the Memory card.
These are the 4 method which where used to unlock the Memory card. So be careful while doing. Have a successful in removing the password of the sd card.
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I hope this tutorial "How to Remove or Unlock the Memory card password" will help you to unlock your memory card when it has been locked. Like us and share the Post with your friends and try to help them. Share your questions with your friends and we will solve the

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